The Site

Image: [Map of proposed site.]

The site of the development is wholly contained within the confines of the existing Airfield currently owned by the Morris Leslie Group and that of the planning consent already in place. The Airfield is currently screened from the north by a landscaped bank that restricts views of the activities currently undertaken. That embankment will remain in place and strengthened in places consequently the visual impact of any development will be negligible. The majority of the development is brownfield land, i.e. land on which development has previously taken place, and which has become redundant or is available for re-development purposes.

Image: [Aerial view of proposed site.] The airfield lies on the south side of the unclassified Invergowrie to Errol road, close to its junction with the B958. The current proposed points of access provide excellent sightlines, however it is our intention to shortly submit a further planning application for a new stand alone tree lined access and entrance to the west of the site which will significantly enhance the quality of the environment and become dedicated to the development. This access will further help to integrate the development with the village and provide for improved pedestrian links for a safer route to and from the school.