The Proposal

Image: Site Map

The proposal is to evolve the existing mixed use planning consent, which is in place for 240 housing units, providing for affordable, starter homes and family accommodation along with substantial additional employment space over and above that already provided. The Morris Leslie Group are making a contribution to the community of £200,000 and how this contribution is to be employed is Subject to agreement with Perth and Kinross Concil.

For the employment space significant opportunities are available which can take the form of starter units, pre-constructed workshop/warehouse buildings, and associated office uses. Community uses are also identified including landscaping, significant open space, a park and play areas.

The house types proposed are at this stage indicative as to what is envisaged as the ultimate house builder(s) who develop out the project will have their own house type designs. We are keen however to make sure that the layout and streetscape along with the landscaping and open space is agreed. It is also important that the vehicular, pedestrian and cycling routes are addressed.